• Equipment & Service Capabilities
    - Workflow - Apogee Suite 6.0, developed by Agfa Graphics
         Manages the entire prep process from prepress, film and plate production
         Provides fast editing and proofing cycles
         SQL database monitors and records every step of the workflow process
         Jobs are interpreted up front, but are not rendered until just before output allowing much
         Needed flexibility in the prepress process
         Output produces a PDF file that allows customers to make last-minute changes

- Apogee Suite 6.0 Highlights
     Supports multiple file formats
     Performs pre-flight checks
     Refines incoming files which produce trapped and color-managed press-ready PDF's
     Uses Adobe-compliant job tickets (PJTF) and Job ticket processors (JTP) to control and automate 
      workflow tasks
     Parameters are stored in job tickets 
     Connects to the Avantra 44 imagesetter 
     Digital master includes high-resolution images, which should be optimized and/or compressed to
      reduce the sizes for efficient handling
     The press-optimized PDF is trapped, color-managed, and stored in CMYK color space
     These are the highest-quality PDF’s produced

  •  File Preparations for computer-to-plate
    - Software (all current versions)
            InDesign CS (PC & MacIntosh)
           Adobe Pagemaker CS (PC & MacIntosh)
           Adobe Photoshop CS (PC & MacIntosh)
           Adobe Illustrator CS (PC & MacIntosh)
           Adobe Acrobat (PC & MacIntosh)
           Macromedia Freehand (MacIntosh)
           Bar Code Pro (MacIntosh)
  • We can receive files from**:
    - FTP
    - Email Attachments
    - CD / DVD
  • We offer soft proofing via our ftp site

 ** When sending your files, please include a current laser proof, all images/graphics and fonts (screen & printer or True Type).